Life is short to think about yourself, its time to leave your mark in the world. KIMINA in quechua language means bring closer, draw near, hold what it is about to fall. We believe that every product that we create helps us hold a society that wants to make something for themselves. We want to generate a chain of value that stands with the people that need it the most and with KIMINA we found the best way to achieve it. KIMINA ́s goal is to feed the world through healthy, natural products that are accessible for everyone. Products made with Superfoods that we obtain thanks to the help of our local farmers, especially formulated products to combat anemia and desnutrition in our society. For each product you adquire, it not only does good to you but for others as well.
Help us to help others.



Everything started with a dream…

Since years ago we had a dream to make a CHANGE in our society, creating products that are delicious, healthy and accessible, but with a special touch. After several years of search we arrived to Perú and we found a MAGICAL place that gives us the PERFECT ingredients for our creations.

That's how KIMINA was born…

KIMINA is a project with a high content of SOCIAL INCLUSION, that searches a way to feed Perú and the world with healthy and ESPECIALLY FORMULATED products to end anemia and malnutrition. Our products help you have a healthy life through a balanced nutrition.